SterilOne / LBL - Zeitenwende [Cassette Tape]

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価格 [税抜]:


ARTIST SterilOne / LBL
TITLE Zeitenwende
FORMAT Cassette Tape
LABEL Das Label mit dem Hund
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Boom Bap Hip Hop + Electronic Hip Hop + Trip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + Austrian Hip Hop + German Hip Hop + 2020's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


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This item has already been shipped and will be delivered in early to late June 2021.

We hope you understand that the arrival of this product may be delayed due to the coronavirus.

It will be shipped sequentially as soon as it arrives.

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/ Only 2 per customer

/ 60 Limited

-Track List-

1.Kapitel 1.01 ( s t e r i l o n e )
2.Kapitel 1.02 ( l b l )
3.Kapitel 1.03 ( s t e r i l o n e )
4.Kapitel 1.04 ( l b l )
5.Kapitel 1.05 ( s t e r i l o n e ) 03:06
6.Kapitel 1.06 ( l b l )
7.Kapitel 1.07 ( s t e r i l o n e )
8.Kapitel 1.08 ( l b l ) 02:34
9.Kapitel 1.09 ( s t e r i l o n e )
10.Kapitel 1.10 ( l b l )
11.Kapitel 2.20bpm ( s t e r i l o n e )
12.Kapitel 2.40bpm ( l b l )
13.Kapitel 2.60bpm ( s t e r i l o n e )
14.Kapitel 2.80bpm (l b l)
15.Kapitel 2.100bpm ( l b l u n d s t e r i l o n e )
16.Kapitel 2.120bpm ( s t e r i l o n e )
17.Kapitel 2.140bpm ( l b l )
18.Kapitel 2.160bpm ( s t e r i l o n e )
19.Kapitel 2.180bpm ( l b l )
20.Kapitel 2.200bpm ( l b l u n d s t e r i l o n e )