OD - Resonance [Cassette Tape + Card + Download Code / Mixtape]

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TITLE Resonance
FORMAT Cassette Tape + Card + Download Code
LABEL KicDrum Products
PRESSING UK | United Kingdom
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Boom Bap + Jazzy Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + Australian Hip Hop (Aussie Hip Hop) + US Hip Hop + 2010's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M

-Official Description From KicDrum Products-

KDP Worldwide is at it again with this talented pairing of production team members&mdashOath of Perth, (AUS). and Drumat!c (aka Drumz) of Philadelphia (USA).

Together they are O.D. or simply 'OD'. And to bring in the U.S. spring/summer and Australian autumn/winter of 2019, we present to you the collaborative result 'titled' OD: Resonance.

Many nights and days were spent placing the utmost care and focus into this latest KDP release... over 1000+ hours of dedicated time to be exact! From the final mix and mastering process of the audio (each with unique versions for the tape/digital and vinyl editions), to the meticulous artwork with assembled-by-hand package design, which has even more subtle details such as the Kicdrum Products label logo laser etched into the limited cassette tape cases&mdashthere was not a single moment where 'good' was 'good enough'. (We hope you too see and hear this in the project.)

Utilising nothing more than our SP1200 samplers, tape reel, a multi track recorder, various processing racks, a handful of DS/DD floppy disks&mdashneck breaking drum breaks&mdashand a plethora of dusty samples selected from our vaults of obscure rarities… the end result is one we are extremely proud to present to you!

Thank You so much,
Oath&Drumz – OD

Artwork By – Collin Venuto
Design Concept – Collin Venuto
Digital Audio Mastered By – John Fachet of Sweet Creek Studios, PA
Mixed By – D. Grenfell
Producer – Drumat!c, Oath


/ 50 Limited

/ Including Download Code & Card

フィラデルフィア出身のアーティストを支援する形で運営をしている所謂「地元レップ」系のレーベル「KicDrum Products」からリリースされたミックステープ。
今作ODはOath(パース / オーストラリア)と、Drumat!c a.k.a. Drumz(フィラデルフィア / アメリカ)から成るユニットによる作品。
元々Llingo AptやDXAなどとも深い関わりのあるレーベルでもあるので、その辺のアーティストがドツボな方には更にオススメ。

-Track List-

1.Resonance (Feat: Original Kaine) 03:18
2.Always Sunny 00:37
3.Ondas 03:09
4.Earland Wind & Fire 03:21
5.Dawn 03:35
6.Dopamine Yna'Mean 00:32
7.Beach Terrain 01:19
8.GGnB 03:36
9.Pastorius 03:35
10.Crono Trigger 02:43
11.Amor Desvanecido 02:14
12.The Dose Makes The Poison 01:41
13.She's Caught In The Loop 01:10
14.Marciano 6IX 02:25
15.Wurly 01:47
16.Sickenin' 02:15
17.Retribution I 01:27
18.Dear Mr. Rossum 01:21
19.Four Miles From Independence 01:01
20.Critical Decisions 03:36
21.Hutch 03:04
22.Innerlude 00:45
23.E.B.E. 01:28
24.Farewell Osaka 01:46
25.Bonus Track: Original Kaine - Words From The Vista 01: