Kyo Itachi - Genkidama [Vinyl Record / 3 x LP + CD]

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価格 [税抜]:


ARTIST Kyo Itachi
TITLE Genkidama
FORMAT Vinyl Record / 3 x LP + CD
LABEL Shinigamie Records / Kamehameha House
STYLE Rap + Boom Bap + Hard Core Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + French Hip Hop + Paris + 2010's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


/ 100 Limited

-Track List-

◆Vinyl Record

A1.Samurai Sushi feat Ruste Juxx / Cuts Dj Impact
A2.Da Super Heroe feat Shyheim / Cuts Dj Impact
A3.Organic feat Planet Asia
A4.Like a Movie feat Big Twins (of Infamous Mobb)
A5.At It Again feat Krondon

B1.Look in Their Eyes feat Bishop Lamont
B2.Off Course feat Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox) / Cuts Dj Impact
B3.Trillmatic Anthem feat Conway,Ruste Juxx,,Termanalogy,Skyzoo,Reks,Edo G / Cuts by Venom
B4.Check The Repertoire feat Supreme(of Representativz) & Steele (of Smif N Wessun)
B5.The Dart Board feat C- Rayz Walz

C1.Trippin feat Rim Da Villins
C2.Surprize feat Illa Noyz
C3.Stolen Base feat Chris Spencer (Vic Spencer + Chris Crack)
C4.Colostomy Bag feat Pressha Dinero,Vvs Verbal ,Louie Skaggs,Dan Jah
C5.Vibratium Dartboards feat Clever One (of Da Buze Bruvaz)

D1.Genkidama flow feat Vizar Rancarr (Skanks & Kyo) & Haile Ali,Madman (of F.O.D)
D2.Carnage feat Milez Grimez
D3.Proof feat Ran Reed & Innocent?
D5.Rosary Beads feat Realio Sparkzwell,Berreta 9(of Killarmy),Poison Pen,Block Mccloud

E1.Bang Bang feat Sage Infinite,Recognyze Ali,Ill Conscious,Haile Ali,Rigz,Mooch,Twistello,Phil Blount / Cuts Dj Audas
E2.Should be Know feat The Committee Sounds
E3.Bring That Back feat S.I.T.H
E4.Red Ribbon Flow feat M3 The M3nace (of F.O.D)
E5.Aint No Question feat FKB$

F1.O' Dojo feat Squeegie Oblong
F2.Killah Man Jaro feat Haile Ali ,Top Notch ,El Ay
F3.Knukles Game remix feat One Click Bang
F4.End Of Times Rhymes feat Sleep Sinatra
F5.Geo-Wide feat Venomous 2000 & Dj End-K


1.Rap Killa demo feat Ruste Juxx (2010)
2.Smokin n Drikin feat Illa Noyz (2012)
3.Find Out my Mental feat Pace Won (2016)
4.Dr. Cooper Vs F.T feat Street Smartz(2012)
5.The Riddla feat Sage Infinite(2016)
6.Wildcats feat Wildchild of Lootpack(2008)
7.Transformerz feat F.O.D (cuts Dj Impact) (2014)
8.Ghost Chambers feat Hus Kingpin(2015)
9.Sensei Jubei feat El Da Sensei feat El Ay (2015)
10.Loot feat Avarice (2016)
11.11.Niggas Talking it feat Shatike of Bankai Fam (2013)
12.Summertime feat Illa Noyz(2012)
13.Dominater feat One Click Bang(2014)
14.Rhyno Feroce Demo feat F.O.D (2013)
15.C'est la vie Feat Physical Graffiti(2012)
16.Iddles feat Franky Smaccz(2017)
17.Nostalgia feat Halfabrick (2011)

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