Bugseed - Impression [Vinyl Record / 12"]

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価格 [税抜]:


ARTIST Bugseed
TITLE Impression
FORMAT Vinyl Record / 12”
LABEL Cheeba Cheeba Records
STYLE Instrumental Hip Hop + Boom Bap Hip Hop + Jazzy Hip Hop + Underground Hip Hop + Japanese Hip Hop + 2020's + Limited
CONDITION Media: M / Sleeve: M


/ 250 Limited

/ Only 2 Per Customer

-Buyer's Comments-

A video of a test press record spinning that came from Instagram.
As soon as I played the video, I thought to myself, "Is this beat bugseed?
I was right, it was a bugseed beat.
I don't make beats, but when I play random beats on soundcloud, I often think, "Oh, this beat is so ____..."
Among the many beatmakers out there, it's hard to guess "this is a beat made by ____" just by listening to the beat.
It's just my impression, In the case of Bugseed, I have a high probability of guessing that it's his beat..
He seems to have established its originality.
This is because even a person like me who has never made a beat before can tell that it was made by Bugseed.
By the way, I've been listening to hip-hop for 20 years, and I've been a buyer for 13 years.
I've been a buyer for 13 years and the Japanese name I've heard the most from foreign heads is Bugseed.
What I think is really great is that he is praised not only by the heads but also by the beat makers (his peers).
As a hip-hop fan, I hope many more of his works will be released in the future.
Of course, but this album was also great.
Highly recommended by the buyer!

-Track List-

1.Stenopes 02:57
2.Split Decision 02:59
3.Nago Sesh 02:54
4.Rainflower 02:40
5.Swan Flight 03:29
6.Due Torri 03:01
7.Scapement 03:24
8.Frost Trees 03:12
9.illtheloop 03:03
10.Sankome 02:32
11.Shipwreck 03:07
12.Mistera 02:43